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Sun. Water. Air. Earth.

From the beginning of time we've communicated through images. They tell stories of our love, our loss, our triumph, our pain and our joy. I am a visual weaver of these stories. I prefer my images to be uncomplicated and simple. For me, the magic happens in the space between us, the camera is secondary and the images are the product. My job is about creating a space of safety so you are relaxed and authentic. Your job is to merely trust that I can.

I have been shooting for 26 years all over the world. Overjoyed while running to keep up with the 'just married.' Giggling with children as they explore the world around them for the first time and weeping behind the lens with those balancing between this world and the next, listening as they whisper the secrets of the sacred in dying.

From what I have learned so far,

we all just want to be seen.

I am here to see.

Ben & Erin

Jessie & Steph

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Seattle, WA

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